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We specialise in offering top-tier Painting Services tailored to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s ongoing maintenance services or one-off painting contracts, our expertise extends to providing high-quality painting in areas that might be challenging to manage or requiring touch-ups throughout your contract duration.

Our Painting Services include, but are not limited to:

High-Level Painting

Tackling painting projects in elevated or hard-to-reach areas is our forte. Our team is equipped and skilled to manage painting assignments in high or difficult-to-access locations with precision and professionalism.

Large-Scale Building Painting

From commercial structures to expansive buildings, we undertake and excel in large-scale painting projects. Our expertise ensures a seamless and high-quality finish, transforming the appearance of vast properties.

Our painting services are not only limited to routine maintenance but also cater to one-off projects. We prioritise excellence in facilities management, offering painting solutions that enhance the visual appeal and upkeep of your spaces. Whether it’s addressing difficult-to-reach areas or managing extensive painting tasks, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional painting services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


Showcase Cinemas use Inhouse Corporate Services to provide painting, maintenance and cleaning services for their cinemas across the United Kingdom.

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